Sketchbook Club... Currently we are running these sessions via Zoom 

Mrs Potts' Place is a venue for Jennie Maziel's 'Sketchbook Club'.   Jennie has given her approval for us to run the club on the first Tuesday of every month 7pm -10pm.   This is not a taught workshop but a meeting place so people can come together and use tried and tested techniques.  Jennie has fabulous, easy ways to create fun pages in a sketch book.   You don't have to be arty, it's just therapeutic fun. 

We have chosen various pages to create each month.   See dates and themes below.   We provide the venue  and you provided all your materials, such as paints, brushes, pens, sketchbook etc.  These can all be obtained from Jennie's web page, an art shop or Amazon. You will also need to buy the lesson download from Jennie Maizel's website.  

Mrs Potts' Place, will run this as a non profit, community event to keep the price low.    We just ask you to download the  lesson the from Jennie Maizel's website at £4 each. 

There is no commitment to come every month but we do ask you let us know if you are coming or need to cancel as place are limited. We also offer it over Zoom so you can join us from home. 

Suitable for 13 yrs and upwards 

How it works

Step 1

Buy the DOWNLOAD  for the lesson or lessons you choose.   These are £4 each from Jennie Maziel's website.    She provides reference sheets, youtube video and instructions.  You will need to print out the reference sheets at home. If you can print them in colour it will help when you come to paint.   

This is the link for the lesson downloads or you can click on the pictures below:

We are very aware this is part of Jennie's livelihood  and  it is only right that the money goes to her, so we ask you buy each lesson per person and not just share one purchase.   

Step 2  Go through the download, watch the youtube video etc and write a list of materials you need.   

Step 3  You may have some of the materials at home but they can all be obtained from Jennie's web page, an art shop or Amazon.  You will definitely need:

*tracing paper




*black fine writer


*paints (She uses gouache, acyrlic and water colour - you don't need to spend much on these.) 

*pencil crayons (poly chromos are great and worth the investment. Jennie sells a great pack at her online shop) 

*a white gel pen 


Each week slightly changes so before you arrive, you will need to check via the download that you have all the correct materials.  Mrs Potts' Place will be unable to provide any materials on the night.  

This is link to Jennie's shop:

Step 4  Come along on your chosen date and enjoy some relaxing art and meet likeminded people. 

Tues 8th Sept -PHEASANT
Tues 6th Oct - HELLO AUTUMN
Tues 3rd Nov - OWLS
Tues 1st Dec - POP UP SKIING
Tues 5th Jan - FRONT GARDENS
Tues 2nd March - BOTANICALS
Tues 6th April - SARDINES
Tues 4th May - DUTCH MASTERS
Tues 1st June  - BEACH HUTS
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